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If you are looking for efficiency and longevity in your HVAC system, your food processing line, ice plant, or you just require chloramine-free or ammonia-free water…

Falcon has the answer!

Falcon Water Solutions water is specifically designed to be a reliable source for your HVAC systems, for your drinking water, brewing, welding water, food processing, coffee creation, ice creation, paint solutions, and water habitat needs.

If you would like to find out how our systems can improve your water, save your HVAC system’s warranty, and make your building insurance provider happy, give us a call today at:

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Our New Site is Live!!

Our production facility and offices are up and running, and our website is ready to inform you how Falcon Water Solutions can help you today. If you want to assure your current project’s plumbing, boilers, and other components will continue to be covered by their manufacturers warranty or insurance – your system’s water must have the proper parameters! Falcon will work with your building operator or water quality treatment professional to ensure these parameters are met and your warranties and insurance are honoured.

When is the last time you did a water quality test? What was the pH and ammonia count? If you are unsure, or don’t know, you are at risk!

Don’t take the risk on your water system’s health! Contact Falcon today!

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**Also, please check back regularly to keep up to date on the latest FWS news, and essential water industry news.

Falcon Water Latest News

When you contact us you’ll learn how we can help your home, business, and/or building infrastructure. You’ll also become informed on how chloramines could be affecting you and your family right now.

Learn more about the effects of chloramines here!
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